A Tour of the Internet

Welcome, welcome come right in!
Behold the internet,
It's pomp and din
Would faze the bravest
Amuse the gravest
Come, do enter
This adventure,
And I will show you all around

News, weather, gossip, blogging
And those social networks,
(My brain's clogging)
See Facebook vast
Myspace' last gasp
Massive Twitter,
All a-glitter
And examine Titan Google

See websites crammed with data
Classes, essays, and the
Info strata
Attend a college
Behold our knowledge
Our lies included
(Some deluded)
Best and worst of all the world

Look out for hackers and schemes
Beware the viruses
(Some folks are mean)
Online banking, software,
And Adopt-A-Bear
Shopping, wish lists,
Foreign wristlets
The world wide web has it all

Now hear that noisy clamor?
All us people and our
Suspect grammar
We strive for merit
We always share it
So goes our (shallow?) custom

But listen now, can you hear?
That surly growling, and
A stir appears,
Racket, shouting,
Mental clouting,
Announce a Troll!
A fearsome role;
Steadfast monster of the web

The Troll always scorns the truth
He creates much discord
(It's very rude)
He feeds on anger,
He baits the stranger
He nurtures strife
It gives him life
Indulge it not, shun The Troll

One last warning, as you go
Beware The Troll within
It's there, you know
Inside me and you
Oh, what shall we do?
Feed not The Troll,
Forsake that role
Gentle reader, do take care!


  1. Such a delightful, and insightful, read! I enjoyed how the rhythm matches the tone, just like how perfect lyrics are matched with perfect music. Not only humorous, but this was very convicting, too. Thank you for sharing this piece!

  2. Thank you! I'm glad you liked it!


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