5 Tips on Keeping a Journal

When I turned eight, my older sister gave me a diary for my birthday. I started writing in it.
Several years and lots of sloppy handwriting later, I finished it. Somewhere along the way I was hooked, and I've been keeping a journal ever since.

There are a lot of benefits to keeping a journal, and it can even improve your health.  I love having journal because it's a great way to organize your thoughts, get perspective on things, and write about your ideas and things that inspire you.

If you're interested in keeping a journal, and wondering where to start, or if you want some new ideas on what to write, here are my top 5 tips for starting and maintaining a journal!

1. Write often. Especially if you are just starting out, writing regularly is important.

2. Choose a journal you like. Pick out something you'll use. Whether it's a leather bound book, or something flowery with a watermark on the pages, or a notebook you've given a redesign to, chose something that you like writing in. And a neat thing about journals, they tend to acquire more character, in my mind, anyway, once you have started writing your thoughts and stories in them. 

3. Be creative with your content. Journal entries do not have to be about your feelings for your latest crush. Journals have so much more potential. So if you don't want to write about your feelings, there a tons of other things to record. Here are a few:









things you're grateful for



story ideas

any moment you want to remember

Also, in a world where we capture everything memorable with video and photos, it can be a rewarding experience to use words to record something. It will challenge your creativity and powers of description. You have to try it at least once!

4. Don't expect perfection. Keeping a journal is about recording where you're at in life, not creating a masterpiece. So it's okay if you don't write something amazing every time you sit down to journal.

A journal is a place just for you. It's not a novel, blog post, or resume. So just relax and write about whatever is on your mind. My journals tend to be a catchall for thoughts and ideas, some of those grow into stories or articles. Some don't. But that's okay, my journal is just a place where I can write without worrying about what people will think about it.

5. Write with a sparkly pink gel pen. It's a little known fact, but you're not really writing a journal if you don't do that. Kidding! Write with whatever you like. The real point is to have fun! Keeping a journal should be an experience that is enjoyable, relaxing and helps you keep track of where you're at in life. So enjoy the journey!

What do you think about keeping a journal? What are your favorite tips for starting and keeping one? And, real talk here, I can't be the only one who thinks that spiral bound journals are the easiest ones to write in, can I?


  1. I've been journaling since...hmm, probably a similar age. My first one was a locked diary with Madeline on the cover. XD Since then I've filled about five notebooks, and you're right--it's such a rewarding experience, even if I don't write with sparkly pink gel pens. XD Anyway, your post has reminded me I want to journal more often! Oh, and spiral bound journals ARE the easiest to write in. *nods seriously* Great post!

  2. Ooh, locked diaries! I had one of those once! Even without pink gel pens keeping a journal is a lot of fun. :) I'm glad we agree on the convenience of spiral bound journals! XD

    Thanks for stopping by, Tracey!


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