Reading Goals | Recap and Goals for 2016

Hey, it's Candice again.

I guess I don't need to say that; I'm the only one who writes here. Anyway, it I'm finally back. It is time to do a yearly wrap up!

I'm extremely late with this, but I figured I'd better do a wrap up anyway.

So, my reading goals for 2015 were pretty simple.

1. Learn to read Greek. I did not learn to read Greek. My textbook sat in my room all year and I picked it up once or twice. I completely failed this one.

2. Read more indie authors. I did read more indie authors! I found some fabulous books.

3. Read 80 books. Any genre. Reached this goal. I had to read like crazy after Christmas to catch up, but it was so worth it!

4. Read more practical stuff. I read books on grammar, wilderness survival, money management, and how to read poetry. So, I'll consider that goal met.

I mentioned in June that I forgot to include my Classics Club challenge. I wanted to read 15 classics last year. I didn't reach that number. I read 9 classics.

So I reached some goals, and I learned that I am not going to be Greek scholar unless I work super hard at it. I'll leave that goal for another time.

I'm looking forward to 2016. I'm hoping to discover fabulous new books, reread some of my favorites, and write one of my own!

My reading goals for this year are pretty simple. They are:

1. Read a wide variety of books. This year I'm focusing on balance and variety. I don't want my reading to be in just one genre, category, or subject.

2. Read 70 books, any genre. It's less than last year, but I think it's a good number for now.

I'm keeping things simple so I'll have more time for writing. I am in the process of outlining my novel (yay!) and I'm still without a laptop, so it's going to be pretty quiet around here for the next month or so.

I'll get back to blogging eventually!

How did your reading go in 2015?


  1. So cool one of your goals was learn to read Greek - I'm half Greek and can read it. Only problem - I can't actually understand what the words mean. Lmao.

  2. Then you're way ahead of me! Knowing a second language is awesome! Hopefully I'll get back to Greek someday!

    Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie! :)


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