A Surprisingly Readable Pep Talk Comprised of Christian Book Titles

I got to thinking to other day about how much popular Christian book titles sound like part of a Christian pep talk. Problem is, you never do get a pep talk unless you buy the book. But now you won't need to – I have gathered some of the best Christian book titles of all time into one amazing read! Instead of the wit and wisdom of just one book title, there are over thirty here – it's the ultimate pep talk for Christian women! (The titles are in italics for the ideal reading experience.)

Life is busy. But don't be so Crazy Busy that you can't hear Jesus Calling you to Thrive. Take time to soak up His amazing, Crazy Love. Focus on Commanding Your Morning so you can start it by Seeking Him. This should be the purpose behind The Purpose Driven Life. Having regular time with God is the first step to real, Raw Faith.

I know we all struggle with a Battlefield of the Mind and heart– we struggle with selfishness, slander, anger – all those Respectable Sins. Sometimes we don't bother to cultivate A Praying Life, and we are not Experiencing God as we should. Is it any wonder that we doubt God Is Able to help us when we are called to Do Hard Things? And that we even doubt if Heaven Is For Real?

You need to be All In. You are Not A Fan of God. You are His Slave. (Sounds Radical, doesn't it?) You need to respond every day to His call of “Follow Me,” and follow Him in The Way.

You are called to do this. You can live The Cross Centered Life.

And stop worrying that you can't do this. Just Let. It. Go. You Are Going To Be Okay, I promise. I want you to show anxiety the door, and call “So Long, Insecurity!” as you throw that out, too. The lie that you can never overcome is just another of those Lies Women Believe. But you are Destined To Reign over those negative thoughts, and have Your Best Life Now.

You are Made To Crave something more. Something outside the Boundaries of everyday life. You need to live The Fearless Life and embrace your Dangerous Calling. Don't Waste Your Life. Just start Trusting God, and see What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.

Note: Hopefully I haven't infringed on any copyright rules by writing this! But maybe this will help: I hereby declare that all the italicized words are not mine; I am only quoting them.


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    1. I'm glad you liked it! (I am trying to think of a Christian book title to use in my response, but can't come up with anything.) Thanks for commenting!

  2. Ha ha! This was funny. Those Christian book titles are catchy, huh?

    1. They are! I'm glad the authors invented such memorable titles. :) Thanks for commenting!


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