I'm Learning to Read (And Other Literary Goals for 2014)

Yes, I really am learning how to read.

I can read English, obviously, but I don't know New Testament Greek yet, and that's what I'm learning to read. This was one of my reading goals this year - one which I am finally getting around to.

And since the year is three quarters over, I thought it would be a good time to review my reading goals for 2014! When planning out my goals earlier this year, I tried to keep it fairly simple – just four things.

1.) Learn to read New Testament Greek. I thought it would be great to be able to read the New Testament in the original language, and I bought a Greek textbook several months ago. So why did it take me until to today to get started? Because I procrastinate. But if I can get a solid start on Greek before the year is out, I will be satisfied.

2.) Read at least 10 volumes of poetry. I was getting along famously with this project. Until The Faerie Queene crushed my plans. That book weighs a good pound and is thicker than my wrist! It's 1000+ pages; I don't know why I didn't realize it was so long when I was planning my reading list. I had given myself one month to finish it. However, this didn't happen, I sent it back to the library. But I will continue with the other poetry I've chosen, and just read The Faerie Queene at the same time. I will finish it, it's just a matter of when.

3.) Read at least 3 independently published books. I'm looking forward to this one. I have two such books waiting for me in my Kindle right now. I don't know why I haven't got around to reading anything by indie authors before. Perhaps it's because I get most of my fiction from the library, and they don't always have stuff by indie authors. But anyway, I'm excited to see what the world of independent publishing has to offer!

4.) Read 75 books total in 2014. I'm a little behind on this goal. But it's just reading; fiction or nonfiction, books of any genre, and shorter books work too, so it should be easy to catch up.

And goal #4 leads me to an announcement about my blog: I've decided to add more book reviews! At first I was hesitant to do this because a) I careen from one book to the next, and wouldn't be consistently reviewing just one genre or subject and b) this amount of variety would make my audience hard to define.

But the real question is, how long can you have a book blog when you review only a few books? Not long. So, be prepared for some more reviews and more variety.

What about you, how are your reading goals for 2014 coming? Have you made any changes in your blog this year? Share your thoughts!


  1. Very cool! I admire your determination to learn Greek, even if you procrastinated for a few months. :) You're farther along than I am!

    I'm looking forward to reading your book reviews--I think variety is a good thing.

    1. Thanks, I'm excited to finally be learning Greek! And you're right, variety is a good thing - I think I forget that sometimes when it comes to blogging!

  2. Hooray for book reviews, sister person! (do you mind if I mention our familial connection here?)

    This was a good post, and I especially appreciated your interesting description of 'The Faerie Queene'.

    1. Nope, don't mind at all.

      Thanks, glad you liked the post! And I do believe 'The Faerie Queene' has inspired me to start measuring books by pounds, instead of pages. :)


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