5 Reasons To Read Books

I love to read. I'm sure I always will.

But lately I've been considering why I read. Indeed, why anyone should read. So here are my top 5 reasons on why reading is such a great thing!

1. Reading inspires us. It takes us to imaginary worlds and fantastic places. It weaves music out of paper and ink. It paints unforgettable sagas on a canvas of words and imagination. It shows us the magic a writer can craft from words and ideas.

2. Reading makes us better people. Reading novels can increase empathy. Books tell us stories we've never heard before, and help us relate to other people. Reading can also help your mind stay active, expand your vocabulary and generally, make you more informed.

3. Reading helps us understand our world. There are so many nonfiction books out there. Some are well written and easy to absorb, some are not. But they all offer to explain something, to make us more informed, and help us grow, to learn something new. That is simply amazing.

4. Books are the legacy of some really smart and/or influential people. I find it fascinating that we can read the very same books that inspired movements, changed laws, or helped form a nation. We get to see the values and ideas that shaped our world, that made our history.

5. Reading is good for writers. It shows us how to write!

What are your favorite reasons for reading?


  1. These are awesome reasons to love reading - number 1 and 2 are favorites. As is the final reason! :)

    1. Yes, reading is so important for writers! Thanks for commenting! :)


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