The Brownings' Poetry

I'm still working on my poetry project, and I recently finished a couple of books by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. And because my reviews were so short I decide to post them together.

Men and Women and Other Poems, by Robert Browning

The majority of the poems in this book are about men and women – surprisingly enough. Lovers, husbands and wives, former lovers, love triangles. I thought the psychology behind these poems was interesting. But the poems themselves? Oh, I don't know . . . they weren't my favorite.

I enjoyed the shorter poems like The Patriot the most. The rhythms were engaging and the emotions depicted were skillfully done.

Sonnets of the Portuguese and Other Love Poems, by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

These sonnets were . . . I'm trying to think of an adjective to properly describe them. Beautiful? They were so well written. And they captured the feelings of love so well. Heady, poignant and vulnerable, because all those things are present in a romantic relationship at one point. But these sonnets also have some very wise and thoughtful things to say about love.

I thoroughly enjoyed them.


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