Thoughts on Writing

After taking a longish break from writing, I'm back at it.

And I've realized something.

Writing can be a difficult business. I've been struggling with finding balance in my prose.

How do you be profound without being pretentious?

Heartfelt without being sappy?

Humorous without being ridiculous?

Moving without being melodramatic?

Eloquent without being wordy?

I think it's about sincerity. It's not about impressing your reader, it's about communicating. And writing about things that you truly care about, things that matter to you. And not trying to have a definitive, and extremely deep opinion on your subject. It's enough to simply state your view genuinely – not trying to make it more than it is.
Sometimes it's enough to simply share your experiences and admit you don't have all the answers.
It's how I should have been writing all along. And I think that sometimes I try to make my writing sound more profound or more intelligent than it really is. But that's missing the point. I don't want to write so I can appear brainy. I want to write so I can communicate things to people.
So that's what I'm going to focus on in my writing during this next year. More sincerity. Better communication. Less pretense and more clarity. 


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