Reading Goals Update

June is almost over, so it's definitely time to do an update on my reading goals for 2015.

I've neglected blogging and regular reading lately. But I have good excuses! I've been more busy than usual. People getting married, job hunting, and more responsibilities at my library have kept me on the go. (Oh, and binge watching five seasons of Merlin had absolutely nothing to do with being distracted. Nothing at all.)

Anyway, here's an update on my reading goals!

1. Learn to read Greek.

I got to lesson four, I think. I'm beginning to think Greek isn't my forte. Or maybe I'm too easily distracted. But I keep thinking, “either you find a way or you find an excuse.” That's a quote, isn't it? Must get to work.

2. Read more indie authors.

I've read exactly one this year, and I'm reading a couple of others right now. I'm finding some enjoyable reads in the realm of indie publishing.

3. Read eighty books.

On track for this goal! I'm halfway done.

4. Read more practical stuff.

I've read a book about enjoying poetry, and another on survival. And now I'm reading a book on money management. This will make me into a poetry-loving financial guru who can survive disasters. Probably.

But the reading goal I'm really stressed about, and forgot to include, was my Classics Club challenge. To finish it in time, I need to read fifteen classics a year. I've read two so far this year. I'm planning on reading a lot of shorter books this year so I can catch up. I'm still reading Les Miserables, and it's coming along swimmingly, so I'm happy about that!

How are your reading goals going?


  1. You're four Greek lessons ahead of me! :) And I think Les Miserables should count as at least two books (maybe five). Because it's massive and intimidating and enormous.

    Happy reading!

    1. Thanks! :) Les Miz is quite large, so I probably won't finish all 15 classics this year, but I'll be glad to have finished one of the more challenging books on my list!

  2. I'd like to read more Indie authors too. I have three or four blogging friends who've published as Indie's plus some authors that have had contracts are branching out to Indie as well. Seems like a very happening place in publishing now. :) Hope you find some good ones.

    As for binge-watching shows? Yep. I totally relate.

    1. Indie definitely does seem like an interesting place in publishing. I haven't really paid much attention to it until about a year ago, but it's been fun to explore! Yep, some shows are best when binge-watched.

  3. Greek... A noble goal. My goal is to read Beowulf in Anglo-Saxon, and my preliminary task is to learn German. When I work on it, that is; the last couple months have shown me the meaning of hectic. So, that's on standby.

    Bear up on the Classics Club. It will be worth the effort. I would recommend some of William Morris' romances, but I don't think they were on your list. I think you might enjoy them.

    1. Yep, totally understand the challenge of making time for learning a new language. Beowulf is a really great poem, and it would be interesting to read it in the original language.

      I haven't heard of William Morris, but I'll have a look at his books. Thanks for the recommendation.


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