In Which I Make a Confession

So, you know how some people tear up books and make stuff out of them?

I'm one of those people. 

I've been making wreaths from old or secondhand books. But I don't like the idea of cutting up special books that I've had forever. Instead I buy books from dollar stores or thrift stores and use them for my crafts. I think it's okay to use a book for a craft project if nobody else wants it. Then it will be used and enjoyed in a different way.

My family did not accept this at first:

"What are you doing to that book?!"

"Where did you get that book?"

"That's not one of my books, is it?"

Once they realized I was not going to take their books, they accepted the idea and moved on.

I made several wreaths and took them to my local farmer's market last Saturday. The public had some questions, too:

"Do the books you use have any special significance?"

"Whose books did you cut up?"

"Am I supposed to read this?"

And the answers are: No, mine, and no. I just try to avoid pages where people are cussing, or spreading head lice and getting the stomach flu, or describing dead rabbits. So maybe I should be more picky about the books I use, since I think it'd be a little awkward if that material ended up on decor that's supposed to be pleasant.

Here are some photos of the wreaths I've been working on.

This is my first wreath. If you look closely, you can see that I didn't finish the inside edge properly. But that's okay, since I'm going to keep it. I call it Marjory the Prototype. (I like randomly naming things.)

My second wreath. It's the same design as my first, but I followed the directions more accurately with this one.

And here's another. I love the crisp look - it reminds of a flower.

This one is my all-time favorite. I love the way it turned out. I tried creating my own design, and my sister helped me with the rose. 

I have more designs planned, and I'll be adding them to my Tumblr, so you can check that out if you're interested!

Have you tried book crafts? What's your favorite thing to make out of paper?


  1. Oh wow, these are GORGEOUS! What a beautiful idea! I am one or those people who is horrified at the thought of cutting up books, and then I turn around and think, "But you can make such pretty things!" I'm a walking paradox I think. But really, I LOVE these!

  2. Thank you! They were really fun to make! I don't usually like the idea of cutting up books, either. But if their just from a thrift store or yard sale or something that indicates they've been read and enjoyed already, I feel like it's okay to make stuff out of them. I guess it sort of makes sense?

  3. These are so cool! I have mixed feelings about cutting up books. I volunteered at a place called Booksavers about two years ago, and basically I was deciding which books were sellable and which should be recycled. It was sooo hard to throw books into the recycling box, and I ended up "rescuing" quite a few. My husband rolled his eyes every time I walked through the door with another pile. :) But the truth is, a lot of books end up in the trash, and recycling or re-purposing them is a much better option!

    1. Thanks!

      That is so true! We've done purging at my library, and it is hard to decide which books can stand a few more reads. I just wanted to keep them all! I love the idea of re-purposing them, since they still get to retain their bookishness that way.

  4. Beautiful wreaths! And I love the idea of using books to be enjoyed in that way when otherwise they wouldn't be enjoyed. =D

    1. Thanks! It's been really fun to see how many ways old books can be used! I definitely prefer re-purposing them to recycling them!

  5. Oooh those are so cool! Cait at Paper Fury does similar things and they look SO gorgeous. I think if the books aren't going to be used anyway, you might as well make something beautiful out of them :)

    1. Thanks! I've seen Cait's Etsy shop and it is amazing, she does beautiful work! I agree, old books are ideal for crafts, that way they get to be enjoyed twice!

  6. OMGGGG COME TO ME MY NEW FAVOURITE HUMAN OF THE UNIVERSE. I DO THIS TOO!!! AND EVERYONE JUDGES ME SO MUCH AND IT'S TERRIBLE BECAUSE CUTTING UP BOOKS IS SO FABULOUS.. No regrets. None at all. *whispers* I actually sell mine and it's quite a fabulously lucrative business. Seriously your wreaths are AMAZING. You could consider it too. ;-) heheh

    1. Aww thanks, your Etsy store is awesome as well, by the way! Yes! MAKING STUFF OUT OF BOOKS IS THE BEST CRAFT PROJECT EVER!! It's awesome to meet another person who does this! I've been trying to sell my wreaths at the local farmer's market, but everyone keeps telling me Etsy would be a fabulous idea, so I'm thinking of giving it a try!

  7. This is sooo pretty!! I like all of them, but I think the flower one is my favorite. I gotta admit, I didn't like the idea of cutting up books at first, but if no one's reading them, why not put them to use?

  8. Thank you, they were so much fun to make! I totally agree with putting neglected book to use. They're the perfect craft supplies for bookworms!


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