April Reviewed

So, this is really late, but I wanted to do a monthly wrap-up post so I could say that I finished my novel outline!

I can't believe I finally finished it! I managed to work in political intrigue, mystery, romance, and one or two explosions into the plot. Now I get to write it! I'm excited about that. 

And here are a few other random things that I think I should put in a monthly wrap-up post.

I also did my first review for Bethany House's book blogger program.

Last month I mentioned I was thinking about changing my blog's name. Now I'm not sure I'll be doing that, but I will be changing the tagline and the design eventually.

And I read 7 books, none of which were on my classics list, but I'm planning to read more classics in May.

How was your April?


  1. Congratulations on finishing your outline! I just sort of jumped into writing my novel without a set plan, and now I'm stuck for lack of direction. Heh. Maybe I should go back and attempt to write the outline I've so long been avoiding...

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to writing it! Outlines are hard to write! Mine is fairly simple, it more or less summarizes each chapter, but that's about it, since I didn't want to start outlining each scene in the book.


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