Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge Wrap-Up


Today's the day!

It is July 11th, and that means my Bookshelf Love Reading Challenge has ended. This challenge was created by Serena @ poetree. In this challenge you choose unread books from your bookshelf and read them in a set amount of time. At the end, you recycle or donate any unread books. I have decided not to get rid of my books just yet, but my shelf is due for a cleaning, so some of my books may end up in new homes soon!

Basically, I did not get as far as I thought I would. I finished only two books from my list.

#BeMore by Sandra Krakowski
The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams
Junkyard Planet by Adam Minter
I Got This by Jennifer Hudson
True Love Dates by Debra Fileta
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith
Red Rising by Pierce Brown

The good news is that I'm partway through three more of the book on my list. I should have them finished soon! I still plan to read all the books on my list, its just going to take me longer than I had planned. I'm really glad I did this challenge, though, its been helpful in getting me to pay attention to what is on my bookshelf.


  1. I'm glad you found the challenge helpful! And it sounds like you're actually rather close to completing it, if not quite by your deadline. That's still pretty awesome! I hope you're enjoying the books, too.

    Thanks for doing the challenge!

    1. Yes, I hope to finish my list soon! Thanks for creating such a fun challenge!

  2. This seems like such a fun challenge - good luck with finishing your books :))

    1. Thanks! It's certainly been fun - and something I plan to do every time my shelf gets too full!

  3. Oooh, you read Red Rising? How did you like it?!
    It's such an intense and raw and beautiful book. Aside from my poor little brain getting confused several times throughout. :P

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. It was really good! Definitely kept me on the edge of my seat, which was funny because those kind of books usually don't. I liked it, and I'll be reviewing it soon!


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