25 Things I Learned About Books Last Summer

Here we are at the beginning of autumn!

Summer went by fast, didn't it? It was a good summer for me, but I didn't blog much. Despite that, I learned a lot about books and reading over the summer, I thought I would share it with you! I wanted to have this list ready a few weeks ago, but I didn't, so here it is, super late.

1. Do not leave books in your bag with a leaky water bottle. It could cause water damage. Having made this mistake, I do not recommend it.

2. I still read too many books at once. It’s a habit I developed in high school. Sometimes it's an advantage, sometimes it isn't.

3. Take a book everywhere with you.

4. If you do not take a book everywhere with you, it is likely you will be tempted to buy one at the nearest bookstore.

5. If you do buy a book, go to a bookstore that has sales! I did this and found lots of books with low prices, so it took me forever to choose one.

6. Go to a library's used book sale. They usually have a ton of selection at very low prices. This is where I got my largest book haul of all time.

7. Don't be afraid to clean out your bookshelf. Your books will outgrow you shelf, and sometimes, you outgrow your books. It's okay to send them to new homes.

8. It's a good idea to read a really popular book, because then you know more about what's happening in the bookish world.

9. It's a good idea to read an obscure book on something random, like the global trash trade, or honeybees, because then you know something that you didn't before.

10. Don’t leave a book outside overnight.

11. But if you do (like I did) the morning sunshine might dry out the dew on the pages. I was lucky that book dried with minimal damage. I don't recommend trying this, however.

12. Book lists are wonderful things, but don't let them take away the joy of reading, it's okay to take a break from a challenging list.

13. Do not carry a banana in your tote bag intending to eat it “some time.” Do not take your library book to the beach in the same bag with that banana. Said banana will turn black and squish all over a C.S. Lewis book that you got from the library. You will have to return this book to your workplace and admit, that, yes, you ruined a library book. I’m all for healthy snacking, but it can be a problem if you forget to eat your snacks.

14. Take advantage of the time spent during a drive to think of another novel that you want to write.

15. It’s okay to write the first chapter of said novel and then ditch it. It will be better next time!

16. If you are in a reading slump, try an audio book. The new format might help.

17. Always read some young adult and middle grade fiction so you have something good to recommend to the young people in your life.

18. Be careful when trying to photograph books. The other day, I knocked a glass of water off the table trying to get a good shot.

19. However, taking photos is an important part of blogging. Be creative and have fun with it.

20. Don’t neglect the boring books. Sometimes they have important things to say.

21. If you’re grumpy, read. If you’re sad, read. Reading helps everything. Except hunger. Eat when you are hungry. Be careful about carrying food around with you, though. (See point 13.)

22. Neglecting your blog all summer may or not be a good way to return inspired in the fall. Probably not.

23. Sometimes you just won’t click with a book. It’s okay to return it to the library unread. I struggle with allowing myself to give up on a book, but it’s really okay not to finish them!

24. I know it’s cheesy, but, here goes. Just believe in your writing, believe your blogging. There are people who want to hear what you have to say. Take risks, start new things, think big, have fun, and enjoy the adventure!

25. Oh, and keep your books safe and dry.

So that was a sort of recap of my summer! How did your summer go? Did you meet any writing goals? Are you as accident prone with books as I am? I can’t be the only one who ruins that many books, can I?


  1. Sounds like you had a great summer with your books, even with food and water related accidents! I relate so much to point 7 - I've recently reconciled myself with moving on from some books and giving them to new homes.

    Great post!

    1. Thanks! I did have a great summer - I just learned more about caring for books than I expected to! :D It took me a while to give books away, too, but I finally realized it's okay to move on from books!

      Thanks for commenting! :)

  2. Oh I love this. XD SO MANY OF THESE ARE VERY RELATABLE! Although leaving a book outside is literally my worst nightmare *screams* And only this morning I was taking photos and ending up dipping this fake ivy I have in my coffee. Luckily I didn't get it on the books but PANIC STATIONS. XD Let no one say the bookworm life isn't totally full of peril. :P

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. I know! I'd never left a book outside before! Thankfully, it wasn't a really special book, or a library book! Coffee stains the worst! I'm so glad your books are okay!!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. OH NO this makes me laugh a little bit since you have lots of book related accidents. It also makes me sad, but it's so relatable. :P I'M GLAD YOU'VE LEARNED LOTS AND WILL HOPEFULLY KEEP FROM FUTURE DISASTERS HAPPENING.

    // katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Yes, it was a super helpful summer in learning what NOT to do! :D I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who has book related accidents. :D

      Thanks for commenting! :)


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