Back to Blogging!

Hi, Candice here!

It's a few months since my last post. Blogging just drifted to the bottom of my priorities list for a few months.

I found that I miss blogging. I miss having a place to keep my words, even if they don't always make seem as well written six months later.

But I found a new medium that I absolutely love: photography! I have taken to capturing anything interesting with my smartphone camera. Even though I'm just an armature with a crappy phone camera, I love taking photos, and it's officially a new hobby for me.

So, after a long break from blogging, it feels weird to start again. But it feels right, and I'm really excited to share my photos here. One thing I won't be sharing is novel updates, my novel...well, it's kind of on hold.

But I will be doing books reviews! I might be adding just general blog posts of random subjects. Either way, I'm looking forward to blogging again.


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